Enterprise Culture

1. Technology                                                               2. Service
      HP authorized TIJ tech.                                                  Besides standard products,                                                                              
      Olivtti authorized and cooperation.                                Sojet also support our
      Certified national high and new                                      partners with SDK, OEM and
      technology enterprise.                                                   ODM services.
      National innovation fund support.
       3. Team                                                                       4. Quality

 Sojet has a very experienced                                         ISO9001:2008
       R&D team which already in                                           We have full set of
       this industry for many years,                                          testing and inspection
       they know what you want,and                                        equipment and procedures.
       also know how to make your
       need come true.

5. Marketing                                                                 6. Applications

Sojet printers have been                                                Sojet printers can print 1D, 2D
      sold to more than 100                                                   barcodes, dates,Drug
      countries, 60% of our sales                                            electronic supervision code,                                        
      is for oversea markets,                                                  and also databases, etc.
      40% for domestic market.